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Charles S. & A. Katrina Tillman Real Estate Background 912-483-9560 Business Line email: jrkpropertysolutionsllc@gmail.com
Charles has real estate experience with single family housing (for the past 6 years). Eager to expand his experience to multi-family and residential rehabs (throughout Georgia). A. Katrina is an experienced real estate investor. Her investing experience includes single and multifamily real estate, which began in 2010. Her current focus is on multifamily real estate / apartments, education and acquisition of multifamily units. Her experience dates back 8 years, when she acquired real estate after the passing of her grandfather (whom was the property manager of 15 properties – residential and commercial). Prior to year 2010, she had 2 single family homes in which she rented Real estate experience: 1. Qualified Real Estate Professional under IRS guidelines. 2. Owns and operates a professional real estate management & investment company; duties include but are not limited to: a. Profit & Loss Statements, Balance Sheets. b. Bookkeeping. c. Forecasts. d. Property acquisition, rehab, marketing & sales. e. Property management and leasing. 3. Experienced in owning and managing SFRs & small multi-unit properties. a. Properties in South Georgia. b. Properties include buy & holds, flips, and land. 4. Current members of Atlanta R.E.I.A., Georgia Real Estate Investor Network and a student of Fortune Builders. 5. Multifamily Experience: a. Owner of a multifamily property for the past 8 years (3-unit). b Extensive education and practical application in multifamily deal analysis. c. Direct marketing to owners – includes offers & contracts. d. Has a local team to stabilize properties, including management, rehabilitation and maintenance. 6. Team members include (but are not limited to): a. Real Estate Agent, Dannah Gibbens c. Property Manager (for South GA area properties), Kevin Tillman d. Office Assistant, Sheronda Davis