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A. Katrina Tillman 225 Doubles Drive, Covington, Georgia 30016 912-483-9560 Google Voice email: jrkpropertysolutionsllc@gmail.com
A. Katrina is an experienced real estate investor. Her investing experience includes single and multifamily real estate, which begin in 2010. Her current focus is on multifamily real estate / apartments, education and acquisition of multifamily units. Her experience dates back 8 years, when she acquired real estate after the passing of her grandfather (whom was the property manager of 15 properties – residential and commercial). Prior to year 2010, she had 2 single family homes in which she rented. Real estate experience: 1. Qualified Real Estate Professional under IRS guidelines. 2. Owns and operates a professional real estate management & investment company; duties include but are not limited to: a. Profit & Loss Statements, Balance Sheets. b. Bookkeeping. c. Forecasts. d. Property acquisition, rehab, marketing & sales. e. Property management and leasing. 3. Experienced in owning and managing SFRs & small multi-unit properties. a. Properties in South Georgia. b. Properties include buy & holds, flips, and land. 4. Current member of Atlanta R.E.I.A., Georgia Real Estate Investor Network and a student of Fortune Builders. 5. Multifamily Experience: a. Owner of a multifamily property for the past 8 years (3-unit). b Extensive education and practical application in multifamily deal analysis. c. Direct marketing to owners – includes offers & contracts. d. Has a local team to stabilize properties, including management, rehabilitation and maintenance. 6. Team members include (but are not limited to): a. Business Partner (spouse), Charles Tillman b. Real Estate Agent, Dannah Gibbens 678-756-7007 c. Property Manager (for South GA area properties), Kevin Tillman 229-289-6912 d. Office Assistant, Sheronda Davis 732-735-6706